Seo Canonical Fix

Seo Canonical Fix
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What are canonical errors and how do they effect our website? Is it present in Opencart?

A canonical URL issue is a very common error that websites have which usually results in the under performance of a website. 
And it is present in Opencart on category and search page of your store.

Can it affect my store performance ? Does visitor coming to my site will see this?

NO visitor coming to your site never sees this error, but for search engines it is seen completely.
And it causes a loss in your performance in search engines.

Why it causes a decrease in page rank? 

Every store has a category page : Lets consider our store category for explanation:

[Link 1] 

Now There is an option on page for sorting the products in ascending order or Desc order or show 15 products, Selecting any one:

[Link 2]

If you observe at end of second link "?" is added. Though they point to same page, but links are different.

Visitors understand this as single link. But search engine doesn't think of this as same page. It considers them as two separate pages. There can be many other combinations for same link with different selection.

This issue gives rise to other issue of duplicate content in SEO. Which cause other issue of decrease page rank.

What this module Fixes? 

With this extension installed the issue will be solved.
It solves 3 issues
1) Issue with Category
2) Issue with Search 
3) Tag Search Error. [If you have products with tags, click tag, they will always get zero results. This extension fixes that issue as well]

Also available in main pack Best Seo Opencart. It contains all requirements of good seo. Purchasing main pack will save you more then $60

We Provide free installation & free support & free updates

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