Order sharing

Order sharing
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This module helps shoppoer to share and like the products purchased by him which
will be publish on his facebook timeline.
Shopper can share products on facebook from his order products on thank you page. 
 The text to display will be taken from meta tag description for the product
added from admin side to be posted on facebook
 Also there is a send button which will send the product related information
to specific person(friend)
Have a look our demo : 
Demo :
Customer email id : aaron@kodeplay.com
password : admin
steps to access demo 
1) Visit a store -
2) Login as customer - aaron@kodeplay.com and password : admin
4) add product / multiple products to your cart and checkout 
5) at the checkout success page you will see the product purchased by you
along with recommend and send button
6) from here you can either share it on your facebook wall or send to
specific friend
If required - For installation service - please add usd 20 
For our other extensions - please visit http://kodeplay.com/store
For any other information please contact us on sales@kodeplay.com
You can install this module by vq mod.

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