Seo Image File Name Generator [Vqmod]

Seo Image File Name Generator [Vqmod]
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You may not realize this, but images generate a TON of traffic from image-based search engines (Google Images for example)

As strange as it might seem, the filename plays a vital role in Image SEO.

For example suppose you sell dresses in your online store.

A typical photo from a digital camera will be named something like ‘DSC0123.jpg’.
So instead of calling our photo ‘DSC0123.jpg’ we could call it ‘red-color-dress.jpg’.
And this name makes more sense to humans and search engine as well.

This module follows certain rules and helps you generate correct seo image names. The image name should be related to product name.

With this installed, You can easily generate for all your images with one single click.

If you want to see live example search "Multi purpose popup module" in google images 

The first 5 to 7 images belongs to our module : Multi Pupose Popup Module

You can also see screenshot below for above query.

Also available in main pack All in One Seo. It contains all requirements of good seo. Purchasing main pack will save you more then $60

We Provide Free Installation & Free Support and Free Updates

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