Seo Meta Keywords Generator [Vqmod]

Seo Meta Keywords Generator [Vqmod]
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Meta Keywords are Search marketing advertisements with the capacity to have a legitimate impact on your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) or PPC ( Pay per click ) campaigns. 

Meta Keywords are snippets of code on a web page. They offer information about a page (metadata).

All meta keywords are invisible to visitors, but they are exposed to search engine robots that crawl to your website like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Msn, Safari etc...

Many search engines use meta keywords for displaying results. Meta keywords determines what content you have on your page.

For Ex. 
1) Suppose You have a product say iPhone and you sell in Germany. 
2) Then your meta keywords should be "apple iPhone, apple store, apple store Germany, iPhone, mac store, iPhone Germany".
3) So if someone searches for iPhone Germany. Your page will come at top.
4) This is the impact of meta keywords.

It takes lot of time to build meta keywords. There should be around 10 to 12 keywords maximum for a page.

With this module you get to build meta keywords easily. Module generates meta keywords based on product name , model name, manufacturer name , category name

You just need to enter the pattern with which you want to generate. Like you may only want product name or category name.

So you can enter [product_name],[category_name] and click generate. It will generate for you required meta keywords instantly.

In this module, you get generation of meta keywords for products and categories.

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