Seo Product Tags Generator [Vqmod]

Seo Product Tags Generator [Vqmod]
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Product tags are important attribute SEO which also make navigation easy. It will help you generate lot of internal links for your website.

Besides Seo, it is helpful for visitors to sort things quickly. It helps in easy navigation through various categories, products easily.

For Ex. You have product iPhone, then your tags should be phone, iPhone, apple, mobile, smart phone, etc

So if someone clicks on smart phone, it will be your category. Easy navigation increases business.

So it is important to have proper product tags, which provides fast navigation.

With this module you can generate product tags easily. Module generates product tags based on [product_name], [model_name], [manufacturer_name], [categories_names]

You just need to enter the pattern with which you want to generate. Like you may only want product name, model name.

So you can enter [product_name],[model_name] and click generate. It will generate for you required product tags for all products instantly.

The module also contains Clear Seo tool for clearing product tags instantaneously.

You can also buy main pack All in One Seo. It contains all requirements of good seo. Purchasing main pack will save you more then $50

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