[Vqmod] Redirect Manager

[Vqmod] Redirect Manager
[Vqmod] Redirect Manager [Vqmod] Redirect Manager [Vqmod] Redirect Manager [Vqmod] Redirect Manager [Vqmod] Redirect Manager
Product Code: Open Cart Modules
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Price: $24.99
Demo Front End:     Store Front
Demo Admin:          Store Admin   [User: admin     Password: admin]

This module is designed for purpose of redirection of URL from friendly URL, old products URL, broken links to any internal links to store.

The friendly links can be sent to clients like mentioned in banner and redirected to a respective product.

Same friendly links can be generated for Categories, Information, Manufacures and General pages as well. 

More example [Self created redirect] :

Your actually link to product is 

But you want to redirect to same page from different links like

So it is very necessary to redirect above links to main link, instead of showing Page not found.

We provide you with easy interface to redirect the links for your store.

For eg: 1) Redirecting Earlier Product to a New Product
           2) Redirecting Category to a Product
           3) Redirecting Self created URL to a Product
           and redirecting any sort of link on your store.

Module is also packed with tracking Failed url on store.

It keeps track of Failed url on the store.

It is essential to redirect broken links or failed URL to some featured product or home page thereby increasing sales.

Have a look our demo :

Demo admin : http://www.nerdherd.in/redirect-manager/admin
username : admin
password : admin

Demo : http://www.nerdherd.in/redirect-manager


Drop a mail on : support@nerdherd.in 
with your order id, admin access , ftp detail and phpmyadmin access.
We will install this module by VQMod within 24 hrs WITHOUT any extra cost.


Now also available for new version of opencart 1.5.6.x

We offer maximum features with least cost and complete support.


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